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Watch this Introductory Video to find out how
Mandala Eco Homes are:


* strong & long lasting
* high quality & a work of art
* reasonably priced
* easy to assemble panelized kits
* handcrafted & customized
* non-toxically termite treated
* environmentally friendly

Mandala Eco Homes

We build exotic handcrafted Eco Homes, Ohana Cottages, Deluxe Yurts & Gazebos or unique Custom Creations of your own design.

Each Mandala Eco Home is a pre-built kit made from coconut hardwood in our own factory in Bali.

By taking the exquisitely beautiful Balinese artistry and craftsmanship, and combining it with creative Western engineering and design, we have created the finest kit homes to have ever come out of Bali.

Bali is a place of creative inspiration, where art is a way of life and architectural aesthetics have been shaped by centuries of world renowned artistry.

We provide you with a complete kit, rather than just a shell, including roof tiles, wooden windows & doors, pre-laid real hardwood floors and lotus carved foundation stones.

Our commitment is to build in harmony with nature, showing how beautiful a home can be using only ecologically sustainable plantation grown hardwoods.
We are dedicated to preserving the tropical rainforests.

        If you can imagine it
             we can build it
Here is why Mandala Eco Homes are amazing, incredible,
irresistible and the totally reasonable choice:


Every Mandala Eco Home is handcrafted in Bali

using only sustainable hardwoods


We can create your dream home for you,

all built in harmony with nature

If you love

high quality, beauty, sustainability and durability

at a reasonable price

these are for you!


Completely prebuilt in our own factory in Bali

out of solid tropical sustainable hardwoods

shipped anywhere in the world

these homes are ideal for you if you

* find a beautiful environment inspiring

* appreciate quality

* want to live sustainably


and want your home to be

* assembled quickly

* highly hurricane resistant

* termite and mold free


and would love to live in

* a healthy and healing environment

* a work of art

* a home that lasts for lifetimes

Here are the hard facts which explain why we believe that choosing a Mandala Eco Home over a conventional home is a no brainer:

1. We offer the
highest quality sustainable homes that have ever been exported out of Bali, Indonesia. With Mandala Eco Homes we have created the “Mercedes” of sustainable Bali Kit Homes.

2. All our houses are a hundred percent prebuilt in our exclusive American owned factory in Bali which guarantees complete quality control.

3. For a
similar price you would pay for a conventional custom home in Hawaii, we provide you with an exotic custom boutique home of unparalleled beauty.

4. Creativity is our forte’. As a customer we encourage you to be as creative as you want to be in personalizing your home design and embellishments to match your unique vision and taste.

5. Mandala Eco Homes are highly hurricane strong because of the exceptional strength of coconut hardwood. We use post and beam construction, 8-inch diameter coconut pillars, integrated shear walls and a double header system with mortise & tendon joints. Our under eave vents prevent potential wind pressure build-up and roof lift off.


6. Every part of a Mandala Eco Home has been carefully engineered to be as long lasting and esthetically pleasing as possible.


7. Mandala Eco Homes are the most termite resistant wooden homes in Hawaii. While in conventional homes only the structural wood gets treated, we treat 100% of the wood including doors and windows, siding, flooring, cabinets and all plywood. We pressure treat with non-toxic borate solution in our own American certified pressure treatment plant, the first of its kind in Bali.


8. A Mandala Eco Home will long outlive conventional stick built homes because of the incredible strength and durability of coconut hardwood, which is three to five times stronger than Douglas Fir. Coconut hardwood also has no weak spots as it has no branches and no knots.


9. Mandala Eco Homes are dimensionally stable since they have been carefully kiln dried, first in a vacuum kiln and then in a three stage oven kiln for a month.


10. A Mandala Eco Home provides you with a healthy and healing environment because of its natural building materials, exquisite Feng Shui and esthetic, artistic beauty.


11. Mandala Eco Homes are built out of
all sustainable woods from plantations. Our ecological wood of choice for structural members, exterior sidings and decks is coconut hardwood. We often use blond colored woods for interior walls and floors, including exotic mango wood from the mango plantations as well as rubberwood from the latex plantations. Rubberwood is often referred to as "Indonesian oak" as it resembles blond colored white oak.

12. The re-assembly of Mandala Eco Homes is quick and efficient since the building has been one hundred percent pre-built in Bali which guarantees a good fit. It comes in convenient panels which are carefully numbered for easy re-assembly.

13. Mandala Eco Homes are much stronger than ordinary stick built houses because we use post and beam construction and coconut hardwood.

14. Every stick of wood gets pressure treated with non toxic Borax/Boric Acid which not only protects against termites, but also against mold, mildew and dry rot.

Coconut Hardwood is our structural wood of choice because it:

- is 3-5 times stronger than Douglas fir

- contains Silica Fiber which have the tensile strength of steel

- has no knots and weak spots, because the palm tree has no branches

- is naturally dimensionally stable

- is sustainably grown in plantations

- has an incredible bending strength which makes it very hurricane strong

- can be made into perfectly round, crack free pillars.

We provide

* a quality guarantee for our Eco Homes.

* free assistance with building permits.

* free advice with floor plans.

* complimentary architectural auto cad drawings with your project.

* carpenters who can assist you as an owner builder or contractors who can bid the project for you at a reasonable price.